Replacing flood lights with LED at high level in Nuneaton

AMT working at a supply depot in Nuneaton. A photo about 11 meters up on a boom lift just about to replace 4 x 400w flood lights with 150w LED lights. All health and safety precautions were adhered to including necessary RAMs and permits to work. We could see pretty much whole of Nuneaton and beyond from up here!

Complete Mains Replacement at Engineering Factory Tamworth

AMT were asked to replace all the mains bus-bar and switchgear during factory shut down. The isolators dated back to the 1960’s. We replaced the old main isolator with a 315 amp Schneider main switch, and we removed the existing bus-bar and isolators and replaced with a Schneider Panel Board. Tidying the whole lot up but still using the existing cabling and trunking. All went well and the factory was up and running as planned!

Before:                                               What we found after shutdown!      After:

Installing power cable for a 200amp Three – Phase Compressor

Having fun terminating a 70mm armoured cable into its isolator!

The factory’s air compressor was relocated so we had to alter the cable supplying power to it. Just as the factory shut down for the weekend we started and made sure all was up and running again before work commenced.


Electrical Condition Report / Periodic Test at Whitacre Engineering Nuneaton

Here’s a couple of photos of us testing the engineering unit. Its always good to use a table which can be moved around to each distribution unit!

Testing the electrical circuits means switching off the power. No business likes disruption so we kept the testing outside working hours, and spread the testing over a period of time.

2016-07-15 13.36.032016-07-15 13.33.20-1


Emergency Lighting at Nuneaton Gymnastics Club

We have just finished updating Nuneaton Gymnastic Club emergency lighting system. The club requested AMT Electrical to ensure that the original system was working correctly. Most of it was found to be functioning satisfactorily but it was decided to update the system around the main area. Due to the delicate flooring care had to be taken when installing the new system.

AMT also updated the main earth bonding to the building.


2016-07-25 13.09.302016-07-25 13.09.04








Another Kiosk installation by AMT Electrical

We’re happy to work nationwide and nights! We provided the electrics for a Joe Deluccis Italian Ice Cream kiosk in Lakeside Shopping Centre in Essex. Due to the centres late opening hours we could not start the install until 11pm and had to be out by 8am with the kiosk fully operational.

Some kiosks are only temporary so we design the electrics so they can be easily installed and removed!

2016-06-12 23.54.302016-06-13 04.41.31



Installation of new Fuse Board in Coventry

Andy’s installing a new fuse board which will supply a new garden office in Coventry. An armoured cable provided from the main domestic fuse board. We also installed sockets, lights, and a Rointe electrical heater.

2016-05-25 12.24.06

New electrical installation at Judkins Nuneaton

2016-04-19 14.59.45

New team member Michael finishing off a new electrical installation which provides power for a pump motor. We buried an armoured cable and thankfully there was a JCB on hand to move the earth!